Welcome to Bees on the Bonnet and Kinderfreude shops.  

With Spring's arrival, it means what has reposed in the winter cold is now developing into new and fresh ideas and creations. I have bought some lovely mini flowered fabric from England to make beautiful doll dresses. I am also working on a whimsical boy's doll at the moment.  And a herbs-collecting doll called Greta. She loves nature and knows how to heal through  her collected herbs. 

Our dolls are made by hand from my sister and I with long hours of designing,  sewing, crocheting our beloved dolls.

 Of course, you can request a special design, hair color or a doll made from your child's drawing. I also can handle memory dolls if you provide me with the fabric. Just write a quick note and I will answer you shortly!  The materials used are made of natural products such as ecological certified cotton, clean and carded wool, mohair or even sheep's wool locks for the hair, silk and felt. The texture, the smell and softness are things children take in instinctively through their senses and help them understand the world.    My new shop for children's ecological clothing and accessories that compliment my shop's mission to help use a natural material and environment for children-our future. 


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